Born Inna Babylon

yow run tings recordings this one straight to babylon head
what we say all of my jungliest massive we are dancing for revolution you know
we come to turn over them new world order
its me YT alongside run tinges recordings

Yow run tings recordings all my UK jungle massive
what them really want from we
What them want from we tell me what them really expect from we
run tinges recordings we are revolutionary
by any means necessary yooow

Yow its me you know YT you know ,
Junglist massive
what we look and tell the whole of them star
you know why we stay so?
ah true we born inna babylon
and this here bad attitude it's these streets where we got it from
born inna babylon
and this here concrete jungle it made me the man i am
born inna babylon
we not going to bow down to them buckingham palace or them vatican
born inna babylon
run tinges we're a product of their system

me say me born inna this land me don't see no hope or glory
this is Y to the T with the real England story
cos nuff wickedness that wan inna we history
now they really want we ignore it
look how them murder innocent and say that is a victory
and them eat all the food and never left nothing for we
them give them Lords and them earls and them duke them
they never left nothing for the little junglist youth them
we don't tr.ust them, conservative or them labour party them
we don't trust them freemason and them illuminati them
we don't trust them mass media and them papparazi them
ordinary people YT come to talk to them
Born inna the heart of them system
but we don't want no part of them system
we always keep a cleanheart inna them system
them treat we like an outcast inna them system

me say we living in a place where love walk out longtime
can't walk the streets we surrounded by crime
pure wickedness upon the youths them mind
as they reach 8 they want a 9
living in a place that was built upon wickedness
slave trade money them use and build up them businesses
the bilderburgh them planning financial strategies
commit atrocities to gain them monopolies
where them there crown jewels come from?
pure stolen goods inna the tower of London
nuff blood ah shed for the gold and diamond
watch the queen ah pose upinna the stolen diamond

Run tinges ah what them want from we
tell me what them really expect from we
we're just a product of your society
bitter and twitted by the things that we see from we a baby.

you see the genocide and the ethnic cleansing
is a babylon thing
we know it's not ending
it's a money making plan them there upon
before them help the third world them just ah sell more weapon

that is going on inna babylon ….chorus etc