Yo from the other day all I’m hearing them talk about is Brexit eh? (True Man)
Like nuff of them get trick

This one here name Brexit
Every minute Babylon ah come with some next shit
From reality them want we be disconnected
Mi European family nah stop flex with
Everywhere me go me shown love and respected
Same way ah positive vibes man ah step with
Reality message cannot be intercepted
When we ah talk Donald Trump dem ah tek sick
Still dem ah say Brexit
The future unsure some people dem ah fret if
The pound gone down and the economy affected
Who’s gonna feel it when it really start get stiff
Not the politicians who the people dem elected
Bit the rich few them lifestyle not affected
Always the working class have to take shit
Poor people fed up say them can’t take this
Bills them ah kill we not a penny we nuh left with
Bank of England it’s you we upset with
You made these notes from some hi tech shit
Said it’s tear proof and water protected
All I know people still can’t stretch it
Can’t buy gas neither electric
Can’t buy credit to WhatsApp and text with
Out on road mad out there too hectic
From whaday All me ah hear it’s just Brexit
Brexit Brexit Brexit

True them a say Brexit
Nuff of them get trick
Right wing media gone in the offensive
Can’t trick we because we travel extensive
All over Europe we have represented
Me have
Friends inna France who me ends and break Bread with
German girls who we blaze and get red with
Land in Amsterdam it’s the highest we blessed with
Italian espresso wake me up as I take sip
All over Europe my family extended
Dancehall and festival and stage show we dented
So we nuh inna dem Brexit

What about life inna Britain after Brexit??
Outline the plan and tell me the objective
All I know is it seems like one next trick
Can’t trust the politricksters them deceptive
You can take your money go ah bookies and bet this
Same set of people them still ah go get rich
While the rest of we still feeling neglected
Money inna we pocket seems like it get less quick
Bills and the rent what everybody dem stressed with.
Crime rate gone up because every youth them want to flex it
Big dirty knife the little children them ah step with 
Brexit (repeat first verse )

Mark Hull ( YT) 2018/19