Common Sense

People Take My foolish advice,

Somebody telling you something and it doesn’t sound right,

You better tune into your inner voice,

Cause one of the greatest gift you ever get ina your life is Just your 

Common Sense Common Sense 

Better tune into your common sense common sense

Right yah now it’s just common sense common sense

let it prevail

 if you use your common sense you can’t fail

Tell oonuh  bout a common sense common sense 

Dem can’t go round you common sense common sense 

Always try to use your common sense common sense let it prevail 

If we use we common sense we can’t fail ,

Verse 1

Cause common sense is I think most people born with,

Some don’t have none them dunce nuh raatid 

Can’t buy online or supermarket,

Make you no bullshit when people Ah talk it,

Intuitive built-in lie detector, 

tune into it, 

don’t let them try to take you for no fool, 

come and tell you one bag of dry lie, 

like say you never got a good school

Common sense the main ingredient use it as a strength

Some of them want to check the people them fastey and dem renk

Commonsense will let you see through them like the transparent

They can’t take you for an idiot from you have common sense,


Verse two

Sense ah sense nonsense ah nonsense

Some of them blind don’t know the difference,

A one scholar Dem a star student

Academically very intelligent,

People are tell you things and it nuh make no sense,

Tell them that nuh make no sense

Don’t sit down like a fall and just stay silent tell them that nuh make no sense


Repeat verse 1 


From dem ah try to tell you something and it nuh make no damn sense

Tell them that nuh make no sense 

If them ah try to trick the people dem 

Don’t stay silent 

Tell them that nuh make no sense 

Everyday the military them ah kill the innocent 

Me holla that don’t make nuh sense

Who voted for these clowns yah to be the government tell them that nuh make no sense 

Chorus to end  

 Lyrics written and performed by Mark Hull(YT)

All rights reserved

Copyright Sativa Records 2019