Next Man Wife

Well it's not something I'm supporting promoting or endorsing
Believe me I'm not trying to say it's right
Problems in my life
Because I've been sleeping with a next man's wife

I know it's got so complicated currently situated
I have to watch over my shoulder day and night
Somebody wants to take my life because I've been sleeping with the next man's wife
how it start? let me tell you

Well it was backstage at the show where she come from me don't know
She said she love my style
she love my pattern and my flow
Me signed up her CD and let her go
And as she walked away she looks sexy like wow
But still every minute me & her eyes keep making four
And when we did ready to leave she was there waiting by the door
Me stop and ask her who she is waiting for ?
you can imagine my surprise
she looked me right in my eyes and told me "you"
She said I'm right here just waiting for you
I'm only human what do you expect me to do?

Because when the girls that want the loving who am I to let them down
Real born gyallist Girls are there ?I'm going to get me some
But this time I should have really stopped and asked questions
dam right !
because this one was a top shotters wife

Well cut the argument short I carried her back to the hotel
She looked well you know
I mean everything swell
The vibe was right
me and her locked in For the night you don't need no details right straight loving whole night

Then she get up and cut early before the day start to light
she says she would love to call me back sometime if that's alright
I said its fine
baby girl you can call me any time
I gave the number to my personal line
But me never expect her to call me
The same day
and tell me says she needs to see me now right away
Me say cool now baby girl you know I like you same way
but I don't want you to call call me and bother the DJ
She said last night was wonderful
but it wasn't really that she called to tell me still
she said her husband was a murderer from Nanny Ville
And when him Shoot him shoot to kill
And now he says blood has to spell because somebody must've seen and tell him say I Effed his wife
And now he says he will not rest until he takes my life
He told his friends them that I'm bright
taking liberties with bad man's wife

So now I can't leave it far
prepare for war
And anyway you see me now it's me and it a spar
And then kind of lifestyles are not me you know star
I don't have no choice

Because I was sleeping with a bad man's wife