What Them Selling


Be careful of the lies them telling
Be careful of the things them selling,
Don't be easily misled,
My youth don't be easily misfed ,
Don't let Babylon ever for you and trick up your head,
You know the situation get so dread,
I have to say


What them selling im not buying
I don't trust Babylon they are lying
What Them selling I'm not buying
be careful of the things they supplying
What them selling I'm not buying,
Consumerism get out of control,
What them selling I'm not buying,
All that glitters is not gold,

You think smart my youth you better think wise,
Stay focus and keep your eye on the prize,
I don't watch watch them I sell,
I don't watch watch them advertise,
I don't watch what they dangle in front of your eyes,
They give you big vehicle and tell you to go Drive,
They don't tell you every other day the gas price rise
Watch when them a sell you them burger and fries,
Cook food in your yard and allow super-size,
Every man was born to Hunt and survive,
But They want you to get lazy and stop exercise,
While them a capitalise and commercialise we not buying them merchandise

Look and say
What I'm selling I'm not buying
run them away like a dog,
What them selling I'm not buying
I don't trust them because I know they are a fraud,
Want them selling I'm not buying,
We know what Babylon is trying them what them selling I'm not buying,
Because I don't trust their supply

And what them a sell I won't buy,
Them liad mouth guy and them bag of Samfie
Show was pure pretty shiny things to catch our eye,
But I know what them a try,
They make you spend what you don't have and then the pressure they apply
Give you credit card and say the limit is the sky,
Then economy it never designed for i and I,
They will watch what are you are suffer while their riches multiply
then they cut off your supply and leave you high and dry


What them selling I'm not buying,
Not buying into their dream,
What them selling I'm not buying,
I'm not joining their regime,
What them selling I'm not buying
We burn Babylon because they're not clean
What them selling I'm not buying,
Ever move straight we don't lean,

Their religious institution at the heart of the con,
I don't trust their priest and their pastor,
Flames for illuminati and the Freemason,
Want to lead us like a lamb to the slaughter,
I don't trust their politics because that is pure corruption,
They take this thing for fun and laughter
While so much innocent are dead and in sufferation
Can't find no food and don't have clean water
We cry
Where is the balance?
Where is the equality?
Where is the justice?
Where is the Morality?
Life in the dirt for some people is a reality,
Soldiers and police they bring brutality that's why,


Mark Hull (Westbury Music)